Cooking Aboard a Small Boat
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Capt'n Pauley sez:

No refrigeration, no running water, no stove, NO PROBLEM!

The definitive book on cooking aboard a small boat from Capt'n Pauley and Ternabout.

This book covers everything from stoves to trash handling, recipes to food types, packaging to organizing, all in one compact book. Pick the right stove and fuel, learn to live without refrigeration and still cook great tasting meals.

Chapters on: cooking fuels and stoves, utensils and tools, organization, preparation, foods and drinks, recipes, hints, tips & tricks and resources: books & websites

$17.95 hard copy/ $8.99 downloaded with a 30 day money back guarantee!
"Cooking Aboard a Small Boat" by Paul Esterle is dedicated to helping the owners of small boats dine as well as those with full-fledged galleys.

NEWARK, DELAWARE August 14, 2011 - Paul Esterle has condensed almost a quarter century of cooking aboard small boats into a manual for dining well aboard a smaller boat. Small boats have either rudimentary or non-existent galley areas for food storage and preparation, making meal preparation more difficult.

Mr. Esterle provides the information necessary for selecting and managing stoves and stove fuels. Propane, butane, kerosene and alcohol stoves are covered as well as proper fire safety and fuel storage provisions.

Extensive coverage of cooking tools and utensils provides the ground work for a boater to develop their own culinary tools kit for use aboard a small boat, including food storage methods.

Most small boats use some combination of coolers for cold food storage. The book explains methods for maximizing the storage of frozen or refrigerated food in coolers. When the cold runs out, the book also covers the use of non-refrigerated foods.

Foods, both fresh and shelf-stable, are detailed along with methods of preparing and storing them aboard. Iron rations (canned goods), freeze-dried and dehydrated foods as well as the newer UHT (Ultra High Temperature) shelf stable products are all discussed.

Finally, an extensive selection of tested-on-board recipes is provided, covering appetizers, breakfast, side dishes, sandwiches and wraps, soups and stews, main dishes, desserts and drinks. 

"Cooking Aboard a Small Boat" is available online at in both hard copy and downloadable formats. It will soon join other books by Mr. Esterle on iTunes.

About the Author
Paul Esterle is Technical Editor of Small Craft Advisor and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Boating Magazine. He is a prolific freelance writer covering boating "How-to" and "Do It Yourself" articles for many major boating magazines. He boats on the upper Chesapeake Bay where he maintains his motley fleet of classic fiberglass boats.