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Boat Repair Book
Almost eighty of Capt'n Pauley's most popular columns. 260+ pages, pictures and CAD drawings illustrate this new book. Chapters on Electrics/Electronics, Engines, Operations, Repairs, Upgrades and miscellaneous topics. You can order directly from our LuLu.com site, or send in a hardcopy order form to request an autographed copy at no extra charge.
Order directly from LuLu.com HERE. (LuLu.com does our POD (Pint on Demand) printing, ships directly to you and has a 30-day money back quarantee.)
Send in a hard copy order form, along with a check or money order, to receive an autographed copy of the book at no extra charge. Include the wording for your inscription with the order.
Here is what Ira Black, Editor of Nor'easter Magazine, had to say about the book:

An awful lot of boating books have come across my desk in the many years I've published boating magazines. Some have been much better than others; some have been much worse than others. Most have fallen into that in-between area.

Paul Esterle's book is definitely in the first category-it's one of the good ones. One of the best, actually.

Paul's style is lively, personal, informative, easy-to-read and clear. In fact, it is what attracted me to his writing a few years ago when Nor'easter Magazine began publishing his how-to articles. And they have proven to be one of the most popular features in the magazine.

Combined with his lucid photography and detailed drawings, this excellent collection of boating repair and upgrade tips is a must-read, long term resource for anyone who enjoys boating.

Capt'n Pauley has been building or repairing watercraft of all descriptions for longer than he cares to admit. In addition to Nor'easter, Paul writes regularly for such publications as SAIL Small Craft Advisor, Power & Motor Yacht, Voyaging, Dockside and Santana. He specializes in boat improvement and repair projects utilizing a wide range of materials and techniques. Paul and his wife Pat also produce boating videos, CDs and DVDs as well as giving seminars.

If you have already bought this book, congratulations. If you don't buy it, be warned that we'll trace your fingerprints and secretly pump elevator music into your boat.

Ira Black
Editor, Nor'easter Magazine