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If a picture is worth a thousand words, this new book from Capt'n Pauley is worth over 60,000 of them. Over 60 time-tested, boater approved hints, tips and projects. Each is presented on a separate page and illustrated with a CAD drawing or two. These tips are from a long-running column in a popular boating magazine. The tips apply to both power and sail boats and can be grouped into 13 broad categories. Those categories are: cabin, deck, electrical & electronics, fuel, galley, gear, maintenance, outboards, plumbing, rigging, tools and trailers.

The 92-page book is available in either soft cover or pdf versions. The soft cover version sells for $12.99 while the pdf version is $4.99. Either is available on the Capt'n Pauley's website (www.captnpauley.com) or through the printer (Lulu) at www.lulu.com/spotlight/captnpauley

About the Author
Paul Esterle is Technical Editor of Small Craft Advisor and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Boating Magazine. He is a prolific freelance writer covering boating "How-to" and "Do It Yourself" articles for many major boating magazines. He boats on the upper Chesapeake Bay where he maintains his motley fleet of classic fiberglass boats.
Capt'n Pauley's Workshop
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