The Latest News From Purgatory Cove
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The Latest News From Purgatory Cove Fish Dock & Marina - Life in a slow marina!

"The Latest News From Purgatory Cove" by Paul Esterle gives a humorous look at life in a (fictional, mostly) down-to-earth (some say down at the heels) backwater marina.

NEWARK, DELAWARE February 20, 2012 - Paul Esterle recounts life in a less-than-perfect marina. Distilled from years of his habituating all kinds of marinas and boat docks, it pokes fun at all types of boaters, sailors and power boaters, as well as the proprietors of Purgatory Cove Fish Dock & Marina.

As the book's introduction puts it:
"Somewhere on the east coast lies the town of Paradise Cove. It's an old timey kind of place with the feel of a waterman's town, although fishing and crabbing are no longer much of a livelihood around these parts. Folks around here do still have that independent spirit and a dislike for new things (and people).
        Now the town has only two main industries, if you care to call them that; the Apex Fertilizer Company and Purgatory Cove Fish Dock & Marina. Of the two, Purgatory Cove can claim to have been here the longest. Originally founded by Sam's dad before the Second World War, it is currently run by Sam, Lefty and Wade.
        Purgatory Cove staggers along from year to year. They sell some gas, sell some bait, fix some boats and run the marina as they see fit. This is to say, not very energetically or profitably. Sam comes up with a wild scheme to make money from time to time but they don't usually amount to much.
        They do have an almost legendary, or at least infamous, cadre of customers who keep coming back year after year to suffer abuse from Sam and bungling ineptitude from Lefty and Wade. They're not mean-spirited, just not your highly driven, type A personalities. In fact, Sam calls them type Z personalities, if you get my drift."

"The Latest News From Purgatory Cove" is available online at in both hard copy ($15.95) and downloadable ($8.95) formats. It is illustrated with pen-and-ink sketches by Eileen Slifer and will soon join other books by Mr. Esterle on iTunes.